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Seeking a timely and cost-effective replacement for its existing incentive solution, Neopost USA sought out a partner to help create a universal reward program. The company’s target audience includes more than 1,400 corporate employees, sales representatives and service specialists in 58 work locations across the country including corporate headquarters in Milford, CT, its Customer Interaction Center in Carrollton, TX, and its distribution center in Memphis, TN.


The All Star team worked quickly and seamlessly to transfer participants and their points from the legacy program to the new program – NeoTotalRewards. The NeoTotalRewards program was designed to include multiple opportunities for recognition and rewards for varying levels of employee performance. Each opportunity carried the company’s corporate identity look and feel which conveyed specific goals and elevated adoption. NeoHunt focused on lead generation. NeoPromo rewards increased sales. NeoService acknowledges and rewards the tenure of employees. And NeoStar offers peer-to-peer employee recognition as well as recognition by customers.

Each facet of the program benefits from webinar communications, regularly scheduled emails and print communications including posters which are positioned in high-traffic areas throughout each facility.


Success of the program is derived by the number of competitive acquisitions, incremental sales, feedback from customers and overall employee engagement. While participation/engagement levels vary by program focus, there is an average of 87% participation across all programs. Since the program’s inception, the program has been met with positive feedback from management, program participants as well as the incentive marketplace.