Republic Packaging – Brand Safety Achievement

//Republic Packaging – Brand Safety Achievement
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Client: Republic Services

Project Description


Logistical Problems | Low Valued Awards | Difficult to Administer

On an annual basis, Republic Services seeks to recognize and award each worker demonstrating safe work behavior at their year end banquet. Historically, Republic Services was gifting each safe worker a jacket on an annual basis.  And over time, participants began to lose enthusiasm for the award and ultimately, the program lost its appeal.


Personalized Kits | Customized Packaging | High Valued Awards

All Star Incentive Marketing® sought to uncover a unique way that the company could convey their sincere appreciation for the safe work efforts of their employees.

Working closely with the safety team at Republic Services, All Star proposed the concept of giving each safe worker a safety kit loaded with several branded items which also included a jacket for those employees reaching a milestone year (1, 5, 10, etc.). It was determined that the award kit needed to include high quality items that were custom branded for the program and were delivered in a memorable way.

In 2011 the revitalized program was launched. The employees of Republic Services who demonstrated safe work behavior in 2010 received a safety achievement kit at their year end banquet. At the center of the offering was a stainless steel thermal bottle with a carry handle. Other items included sunglasses, a flashlight, hat, lapel pins, belt buckle, and patches (which could be applied to jackets that previously were awarded). All of the items were custom branded to carry the safety message and company brand. They were loaded into a custom four-color presentation box and the handle of the thermal bottle was used as the handle for the briefcase sized box. The box itself carried the message of the program graphically and it contained a congratulatory letter from the President of the company inserted on the front. Those that reached milestone years also received a special voucher redeemable for a jacket along with their kit during the presentation. The program was received with great enthusiasm and the safety kit concept was repeated for years to follow, each featuring unique custom branded items.


Results Enthusiastic Employees | Easy Administration | Memorability

The results were extremely positive for the revised program. Participant comments on the kit idea affirmed the new award strategy. Many participants mentioned that they retained not just the awards but also the box itself. Others immediately began speculating what may be in next year’s kit and others started suggesting items.

Managers loved the offering as well, as it eliminated the problem of having the awards at the banquets on time. It also eliminated the difficult challenges of handing out sized awards, and it was seen as a unique offering and not just another jacket award.