Republic Services – The Power of Engagement

//Republic Services – The Power of Engagement
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Client: Republic Services


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One of the largest solid waste management companies in the U.S., Republic Services, needed to implement a nationwide safety incentive (recognition/ rewards) program for over 20,000 safety-sensitive employees to promote safe work practices by improving safe driving habits, reinforcing safety training, and enhancing the overall safety culture. Corporate objectives also included reducing the company’s liability by decreasing accidents, lowering their OSHA incident rate, and reducing the workers’ compensation frequency rate.


All Star Incentive Marketing® and Republic Services created and launched a bilingual online/off-line plateau level program titled “The Dedicated to Safety (DTS) Rewards Program.” This program enables participants to accumulate and combine safety vouchers earned throughout the life of the program, enabling them to save the points they earn and redeem for higher-level awards. The customized award website, catalog, voucher, poster, and other materials all include Republic Services’ corporate colors, logos, and imagery, together with the imagery of the custom-branded DTS Program.


Since the program’s inception in January 2005, the Republic Services Dedicated to Safety (DTS) Rewards Program has successfully raised safety awareness, enhanced overall workplace safety, and improved communications. The program’s success is evident by the significant reduction in claims, and safety related costs. Ten years after the program was first launched Republic Services has experienced a drop of more than 60% in its workers compensation liability claims. This drop has saved the company tens of millions of dollars since program inception and helped to create the safest company in the industry.