2020 Promotional Product Trends


What is important to those purchasing promotional products this year? Here are the priorities that are trending in promotional products in 2020:

  • Social responsibility: Companies that give back to the community and manufacture products without testing on animals are important to the 2020 audience. Consumers and recipients want to understand where a product is made, that the manufacturer’s workers are treated fairly, and that the manufacturer is making a positive contribution to the community. Promoting social responsibility will increase sales and market share for these companies.
  • Environmentally friendly: Likewise, eco-friendly products is the fastest-growing segment in consumer goods. Products that replace previously disposable items are increasingly popular such as stainless-steel straws, reusable cloth grocery bags, mesh produce bags, non-plastic beverage bottles and more.
  • Health and Wellness: Millennials are quickly becoming the largest buying demographic, and they’re moving outdoors. They are active in sports and individual exercise activities so products that can be used in those activities are popular. As Baby Boomers age there is a focus on a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise and meditation. Items like yoga mats and exercise towels are useful and provide a canvas for company logos.
  • Organic and sustainable materials: In keeping with the trends mentioned above, products manufactured from recycled materials or eco-friendly materials such as cork and bamboo are also trending. Apparel constructed of breathable, sustainable fabrics are also gaining in popularity.
  • Brands matter: Buyers who are looking for promotions for their advertising and promotional purposes are mindful that what they give away makes a statement. Promotional products and corporate gifts should be supportive of their company values and brand messages. When a brand name product is available that is a good brand match for the company, it’s a stronger choice than a generic product.
  • Pins/Patches/Badges are making a comeback: Lapel-style pins, badges, stickers and patches also have a place in 2020, especially if they can be affixed to things like photo frames, water bottles, file cabinets, backpacks, etc. These small items are more subtle but still show an affiliation, certification or are emblematic of an accomplishment.
  • Gift Cards have a place in the mix: While it’s been proven that tangible gifts and rewards are more effective than cash or like-cash, gift cards do have a place in a corporate gift or promotional environment. Gift cards are convenient to use in peer-to-peer spot programs, trade-show give away projects and similar on-the-spot promotions.

For 2020 and beyond, buyers of promotional products are mindful that their recipients are moving toward these types of products in their daily lives and so it makes sense that they’re trending in corporate use as well. Contact us today to talk about your promotional, employee incentive and corporate gift plans for the balance of this year. We’ll offer suggestions that will be on trend, appropriate to your company brand and will maximize your promotional budget.




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