Ability, Motivation and Performance

“One of the most fundamental equations in all psychology is Ability x Motivation = Performance.

-Stephen Kerr, “Ultimate Rewards: What Really Motivates People to Achieve.”

employeeWhat does this mean and how do we apply this in the workplace?  If you reach into your talent pool, surely you will find many true talents within your company that have the ability deliver superb results.  Are these employees getting the motivation they need to truly show their optimal performance?

If you‘ve ever ran a contest in your organization and offered a prize for the winners, there it is – the incentive.  The incentive is a great motivational tool to drive performance so you can realize your ROI2 (Return on Incentive Investment).  If you are not motivating your well and able workforce, you are missing out on opportunities to maximize their performance.

Now let’s take this a step farther, are you rewarding your time after time top performers for their success and giving them further incentive to continue to grow and develop their skills?  If you are not setting new goals and cultivating a culture that will engage those within your workforce that have real talent, you risk losing them to another company that will.

According to the IRF (Incentive Research Foundation) “Some 76 million working Baby Boomers [are retiring and] will need to be replaced with Gen X’ers and other younger workers. Certainly new candidates will continue to enter the workforce, but not in the numbers businesses need: There are only 47 million Gen X’ers in the funnel behind them.”

An employee who has moved up the ranks over the years often has a unique knowledge and more complete understanding of your business as a whole.  Your top performers today are those that most likely to become the next generation talent pool for your organizations future managers.  By engaging and motivating your current workforce, you build loyalty and save yourself thousands from avoiding the search, hire, and training of new employees.

Whether your measure of performance is to increases sales, focus on safety, or build loyalty, All Star’s dedicated sales team works with you to develop the best value incentive program to meet your specific needs, resulting in the motivation you need to drive performance and future success.  Driving performance and maintaining an engaged talent pool is a necessity in today’s workplace. Our incentive programs feature state of the art tools like peer to peer point distribution and leaderboards to drive friendly competition.

Now before you think that cash and gift cards are the best solution, consider this – tangible incentives deliver trophy value.  They create long lasting impressions and memories and deliver a higher perceived value at a lower price point than the cash equivalent.  It’s true, cash and gift card programs are generally well received, but cash may be considered income and it does not have such a long lasting effect.

By focusing on top brand name merchandise, and delivering at the most competitive pricing, All Star brings you the hottest products available in your incentive program – after all, it’s all about motivation! By using top name merchandise, you are able to provide incentives that consumers know, from brands they trust, and items that want and will work hard for.



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