All Star is awarded the Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence

This year, the Circle of Excellence Award judges awarded three Circle of Excellence Awards and one Honorable Mention. The All Star program with Neopost USA received an Honorable Mention in the Sales Incentive category! There were eleven entries into the 2013 COE Award this year. There are 4 cateorgy Employee Incentive, sales Incentive and Sales Incentive Honorable Mention, Dealer Distributor, Sales Incentive Honorable mention.

The 2013 Circle Award and Honorable Mention winners will be announced in IMA’s July FastTake and your program will be showcased during the COE Awards presentation at the IMA Summit on Tuesday, July 30, Noon – 1:30 pm. We will be present at the award ceremony at the Summit. During the awards presentation, each Circle of Excellence case study will be profiled in fast paced video.

Circle of Excellence Award

Heidi Chatfield


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