Are you truly happy at work?

Motivating workers is about more than salary

Business HandshakeHow do you motivate people in the workplace? What managerssay motivate workers and what really motivates them are two different things entirely.

Gallup did an exhaustive poll where they asked 1,000 people every single day for almost four years about their jobs. What emerged is that people feel worse about their workplace today than ever before, and that’s regardless of age and income, according to what I read in The New York Times. No surprise there.

Meanwhile, research out of Harvard found that managers think the way to show workers their appreciation is in their paycheck and with bonuses. But as anybody who has taken a management course will tell you, pay is only a dis-satisfier, it does not make people happy.

What really matters is making it possible for your employees to shine and to feel like they’re valued. And to tell them specifically why they’re valued.

I always laugh when managers get up at meetings and say, “Everybody on the team, you just did a great (fill in the blank)…” like they’re some kind of football coach! That’s not the way to motive workers. You need to recognize people individually for their dedication and initiative. That’s what creates the desire to do more.

I’ve always said companies that romance their workers end up with workers that romance their customers. Treat employees with dignity, give them responsibilities and trust them to make good decisions…and they’ll make you more money!

-Written by Clark Howard



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