Attracting Players to Your Casino in the Summer Months

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Casinos are a great source of indoor entertainment in the winter or in bad weather. How do you attract players to your casino in the summer months when you’re competing with beautiful weather and outdoor sports?

Of course, there’s always the lure of a cool air-conditioned venue in those hot and steamy weeks of summer, but for the rest of the months, thoughtfully targeted promotions may provide your patrons with an offer they can’t refuse.

Christmas in July

A special themed event can capture attention. Here’s how it can work:

  • Select VIP patrons are invited to the event, where they can purchase brand-name merchandise with their reward points
  • They are able to view reward merchandise on line prior to the event
  • Items can be ordered and confirmed at the event
  • Reward merchandise is delivered directly to their homes, typically within a week of the promotion

Brand-Name Merchandise – Specific Promotions

Too sunny outside? Perhaps your patrons will make an extra trip to the casino to select a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses this summer. A selection can be provided on site where patrons will be custom-fitted by Maui Jim factory representatives. They can either wear the sunglasses home or have them shipped directly to them within a few days.

VIP Shopping Events

Consider inviting select VIP patrons to shop in your ballroom! A variety of brand-name merchandise in various price points can be displayed in your ballroom for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Factory representatives can be on hand to demonstrate products or provide samples. Players “buy” the items of their choice with their points and merchandise is shipped directly to their homes (so they can get right back to the gaming floor!)

Attracting Millennials

The Baby Boomer audience has been a reliable audience for casinos for years, but Casino owners and managers are finding that millennials are looking for a different experience. They appreciate games that are based on skill rather than luck. For instance, table games that pit players against each other rather than against the house require players to have a strategy and make quick decisions. Younger players pick up the action very quickly, and will seek out a thoughtful, interactive experience. Pair that with promotions specifically targeted to this audience and rewards that appeal to them and you’ll attract those younger patrons.

More Frequent Promotions

You may find that a little extra incentive is necessary in the summer months. Targeting specific audiences and offering customized promotions that will appeal to those groups may be just the ticket to attracting more players indoors this summer.


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