Dealing with the Turkeys in Your Life – appropriate for today

Just read a great post by Peter Guber, former Chairman of Sony Pictures, on linkedin.  He reminds us all that failures are learning opportunities as long as we allow them to be.

He talks about some of his flops (turkeys) and his philosophy for working through them.

These turkeys were a constant presence and they seemed to breed especially forcefully in tough economic times. I learned I wasn’t in charge of success. I was in charge of the process that hopefully would yield more success than failure. I began to be guided by three navigational stakes:”

  1. My process and my diligence to execute was the best I could do.
  2. My attitude and determination to remain positive and confident was a critical catalyst for my success.
  3. My resiliency and ability to see failure as but a speed bump on the road to success allowed me to get back up when I was knocked down.

Read full post here

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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