Employee Appreciation is not a One-Time Event

Employee Appreciation

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 2, 2018, and many companies will do something special for their employees. The company leaders may bring in lunch or managers may plan a celebration or provide each employee with a small gift. Those of us in the corporate incentive, reward and recognition world realize that showing employees appreciation is not a one-time event.

Who doesn’t appreciate a little appreciation?

A one-size-fits-all celebration for the whole division or company is far less effective than programs that recognize individual or team accomplishments.  Employee recognition programs have long been thought of as something nice to have, but studies confirm that employee recognition programs that reward based on goal achievement and merit are critical in today’s work environment. As long as you’re making the effort, why not get the best result possible?

We know that engaged employees are absent less frequently, get along better with their co-workers and are more productive. Employees that have a clear definition as to what is expected of them, are given the necessary resources to achieve goals and are recognized and rewarded for their achievements are more highly engaged. A highly engaged workforce translates to a more positive corporate culture and better business results overall.

Although structured recognition programs are proven to be the most effective, there are things that managers can do to ensure that employees feel recognized and appreciated all year long:

  • Make a habit of recognizing employee’s accomplishments in regular team meetings
  • Establish a system whereby peers can recognize co-workers for going above and beyond
  • Even inexpensive items that are imprinted with the company logo can quickly become status symbols when given exclusively for employee recognition

It sounds simple, but there are theories and practices to follow to make sure your program will motivate your particular employee audience. Partnering with a firm that specializes in designing employee programs will ensure that you’ve got all of your bases covered and won’t experience any unintended consequences.

While you’re showing appreciation to your employees on March 2nd, consider how an on-going recognition program could improve your company’s performance. Then call us to discuss options!



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