The New Nikon S800C COOLPIX Camera powered by Android

 Today, we share photos more than ever.  Now you can shoot and share amazing quality photos, with the newest COOLPIX cameras.  Image a camera with WiFi built right in.  So when you get that shot you just can’t wait to share, you can share it right away via email, or your favorite social site.

 Now that COOLPIX is powered by Android and has built in WiFi, uploading your favorite pictures is simple.  But it gets better.  The COOLPIX S800C can now do more than ever, thanks to a built in browser that turns your camera into something special.  It does more than upload pictures.  Download your favorite photo apps directly to the COOLPIX S800C with Google Play.  It can download pictures posted by your friends and family so you can view them on your 3.5” high resolution OLED touch screen.  Plus now you can wirelessly transfer images from your camera to smartphones and tablets.  It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s totally wireless.

 Check out the newest commercial featuring Ashton Kutcher

Nikon S800C



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