Happiness Makes for Good Business

A group of very happy people

I recently read an article that spoke about happiness as a business model.  It really makes sense when you think about it and I believe that happiness certainly can go hand in hand with engagement.

A few key points taken from the article about delivering happiness include:

  • It starts with core values
  • The art and science of core values
  • Happiness should be an integrated part of our strategy and business priorities
  • A commitment to happiness is needed
  • There are clear levers to increase a person’s happiness

At first thought maybe it sounds a little “hokey,” but take a moment to read the article and you may agree that the theory that happiness needs to be part of a company’s business strategy is a valid one and has merit.  Ultimately a happy workforce is more productive, engaged, positive, loyal, and so on.  The article speaks to taking the “fluff” out of happiness and making it truly measurable – and why not?  If you have unhappy employees – do you really think they are going to go the extra mile?  Not likely.  And after all – what’s not to like about happiness?



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