How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Joyful and Meaningful

‘Tis the season of holiday recognition for employees, clients, and guests.

Although the work environment and office culture has changed over the last couple of years, organizations continue to look for ways to show value and gratitude, foster loyalty, and maintain a company culture in a hybrid setting. One of the simplest ways is through gift giving.

A meaningful gift will always go a long way. In fact, according to a recent Harris Poll, 71% of Americans (and 76% of millennials) shared they feel an increased connection to their employer or manager when they give quality, thoughtful gifts, and more than half (56%) say that an inexpensive and thoughtless gift from an employer is worse than getting nothing.

When choosing the perfect gift, the task can seem daunting trying to juggle considerations like budgets, recipients, and amounts; but it doesn’t have to be. Whether gifting your team during the holidays, thanking customers and clients, or boosting employee morale, showing appreciation leaves lasting impressions.

Here are a few things to consider when gifting in the workplace.

Make your gift customizable and personalized.

For so long, a one-size-fits-all gift has been the easiest and quickest solution when it comes to corporate gifting. However, with no personal touches or individualization, the gift can often leave the opposite effect of feeling appreciated.

People crave and are accustomed to a world where everything tailors to their individuality, and a gift from an employer, customer, or business partner should be no different. A gift with customized elements may make the receiver feel more connected to the giver.

Consider the hybrid work environment

With the workplace environment evolving, corporate gifting has become a way to create connections in a remote or hybrid workforce. More organizations are trying to maintain a company culture or help people improve their home “office” space. Consider gifting an experience, or something interactive, as a memorable way to recognize someone, no matter where they are.

Keep your company’s brand image in mind

A corporate gift, big or small, reflects a company’s brand. People are quick to criticize and never forget a poorly made or impractical gift. Give a gift with meaning behind it. If your organization prides itself on treating employees, customers, or guests like family, their gift should show the same amount of thoughtfulness you would give a loved one.

Showing individualism by considering how someone spends their time outside the office or demonstrating careful intention are sure ways to gift something unforgettable.

Here are some additional tips:

Companies that operate internationally must understand the religious, regional, and social contours of gifting. Every area has a different culture; ensure you don’t end up hurting someone’s sentiments. If you confirm that you are respecting cultures, then they will be able to understand your commitment to them.

Personalize the gift so it appears to have been chosen specifically for the employee. It provides a beautiful first impression. There are numerous ways to customize merchandise for your employees and inventive ways to make your personalization ideas a reality.

Perfect your gift-giving moments. Gifting should increase the positivity and happiness factor in the relationship dynamics because it is less about rewarding and more about humanizing the connections.

At All-Star Incentive Marketing, we believe it’s important to show employee appreciation all year round, but there’s something about the holidays. The natural slowdown, the celebrations—it’s a perfect time to show employees how much you appreciate their contributions and value them as individuals. The right holiday gifts can send your people into a new year feeling seen, valued, and cared for.

Brian Galonek


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