Insure Your Family and Employees are Safe on the Road this Summer

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It may come as a surprise to some, but summer is the most dangerous time to drive for both businesses and families. Summer is the time to pile the family into the car and head off to vacation destinations, and it is also the time where heat and exhaustion lead to less safe driving. July and August are the most dangerous months, especially on Saturday, between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Taking some extra precautions can ensure that you, your family, and your co-workers don’t become a statistic. Here are some tips that can help everyone stay safe on the road this summer.


Before You Go:

  • Get an oil change, have fluids checked, get your car serviced before you hit the road
  • Pack an emergency kit (First aid kit, flares, blanket, etc.)
  • Stock your car with essentials that may come in handy (water, extra oil, coolant, etc.)


Inside the Vehicle:

  • Wear your seat belts – not just in the front seat. Everyone in the car should be belted.
  • Make sure kids under 13 only travel in the back seat
  • If you’re using a car seat for a younger child, make sure it’s installed properly
  • NEVER leave children or pets in the car unattended. The temperature inside a car rises very quickly, even on cooler days and even with the windows rolled down. Be aware that children’s body temperatures rise much more quickly than adults.
  • Lock the vehicle every time you exit, to keep your valuables safe but also to ensure that kids don’t climb back in the car undetected.


On the Road:

  • Warm weather means that more motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians are on the road. Leave more distance than usual between motorcycles and vehicles.
  • USE YOUR TURN INDICATORS! Don’t make other motorists guess what you’re going to do next. Make sure to use your turn signals when changing lanes as well as turning.
  • NO DISTRACTED DRIVING. Texting and other distractions are quickly becoming the leading cause of auto accidents. The driver’s phone should be out of reach until you get to a rest area or stop the vehicle.
  • Be aware of others. Watch for distracted walkers as well as other distracted drivers. Don’t assume that pedestrians, bikers or motorcyclists can see you.
  • Take extra care around schools, neighborhoods and other areas where children may be playing. Children can quickly dart out between cars, so make sure you’re going slowly enough to stop in time.


If your employees drive company vehicles as part of their job duties, it makes sense to incorporate these and additional tips into a Safety Program that rewards and recognizes employees for turning safe driving into a habit.


Summer is a time for family and enjoying the beautiful weather. Taking these steps to prepare for your road trip and following these tips while you’re on the road will ensure that you and your family members will all come home safely!



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