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These orchids need only 1 ice cube once a week!  They are truly beautiful and easy to care for!

Just Add Ice Orchids are grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest.

Green Circle Growers is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious.

Green Circle Growers not only handles Orchids but, Gerber Daisies & Tulips for Spring-time, Herb garden for the summer, Mums for the Fall and Poinsettias for Holiday time.  Reward someone anytime of the year!  They even have mini versions available to hit a lower price point.  Depending on the size you will need to add 1-3 ice cubes per week.  It’s just that simple!

There are so many different ways to utilize this brand to reward your customers, recognize employees, special events and trade show giveaways.

Check out the below link on how to care for Just Add Ice Orchids.



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  1. marta

    i love your orchid stand!!! where did you buy it? thank you MB


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