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With occasions like Earth Day and Mother’s Day on the horizon, the time is now to game plan an event that will separate your property from your competitors.  The “Just Add Ice” – Orchid” is a distinctive and inspiring idea to brighten the day of your patrons.

Orchids offer versatility and resilience, so you can integrate them into most aspects of your planning and prepping, from on the spot recognition to traditional large quantity giveaways. When you feature this stunning yet durable flower at your event, the possibilities for brilliance are endless.

Grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest, “Just Add Ice – Orchids” are breathtaking décor for the home or work space.  “Just Add Ice – Orchids” are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and sustainable heat source.  The “Just Add Ice – Orchids” brand is committed to introducing new ideas to the market place, continuously striving to best serve consumers and the environment.  Just Add Ice Orchids encourages an innovative watering method of only three ice cubes per week, per plant.

In addition to growing over 5 million Just Add Ice Orchids each year, Green Circle Growers also produces other products with high-value, easy-care characteristics, including Anthuriums, Bonsai and Money Trees, and even Poinsettias for a Holiday Event!

This is another example of All Star offering proven solutions and products that help increase casino traffic and build long-lasting player loyalty.  All Star also insures on site product expertise, including demonstrations by manufacturers and the necessary personnel to assist your guests with the redemption process.



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  1. Sandra Gregoire

    I had a wonderful opportunity to visit their facility last year and it was amazing! They have a top notch operation and staff.

    Are wondering how they are able to produce so many orchids in the perfect timing for your event? It takes some serious expertise! From the staking line, each orchid is photographed approximately 26 times. Their cameras interpret the info obtained in photos and categorize each orchid according to: Bud count, Stem Height, Number of stems and Number of blooms. You can also choose from a wide assortment of pots and add stakes to hold customized cards with your branding and logo!

    They are also a very GREEN operation – Water is used by the plants and then it’s returned back to holding tanks where it’s filtered and gets used over and over again. They also use high-efficiency energy curtains that retain heat and reduce energy used throughout the facility.


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