Make Popular Promotional Product Purchases this year – Some predictable trends for 2013

Here are a few suggestions for promotional product buys this year:

Useful and easy to use mobile device accessories:  Screen cleaners,  pens with stylus ends for touch screens, holders / stands, ear buds & headphones, charging units, cases,  mini speakers, accessory organizers and cord management gadgets.

Eco-friendly products:  Non-woven, reusable totes and backpacks, reusable water / sport bottles, bamboo products, products made from recycled materials, organic fabric wearables.

Health  and Wellness focused products;  Hand sanitizers, “spa” pillows, first aid kits, exercise equipment, lip balm, sunscreen, emergency kits, insulated lunch bags and food containers, stress relievers, informational dials & slide charts, pedometers.

Made in America:  All products advertised as USA made.

Decorated apparel:   Polos made of antimicrobial and thinner performance fabrics, tees and fleece using softer cottons; both conventional and organics,  retail style oriented garments with subtle decoration, wearables of vivid brights, neons, and neutrals.  According to, here are the top 10 Spring colors for men and women:

Color trends for 2013

Color trends for 2013

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