Make Safety Proactive


Reviewing the list of the Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards for 2014 makes me think about the multitude of ways that a safety incentive program can be structured.  Ultimately proactive incentives and rewards are the way to go.

Many companies come to us with a preconceived idea about the types of rules they should establish for their safety incentive program and typically the top item on the list relates to employees being incident and accident free.  While being incident and accident free on both an individual and company-wide level is quite an accomplishment there really is so much more that can be incorporated into a program.

Utilizing leading indicators allows a company to measure performance vs measure failure.  Rewards for proactive safety behaviors reinforce the correct actions that ultimately lead to an employee being incident and accident free in the long run.  So, you end up with the same result but reinforce your safety messaging and training along the way – and furthermore engage your audience in messaging that truly means something.  Rewards for leading indicators will significantly elevate the safety culture of an organization to the next level.

Rewarding employees for any of the following should be considered in creating a strong foundation for a safety incentive program:

  • Participation in a safety committee
  • On-time reporting of near misses
  • Wearing proper PPE
  • Submitting safety suggestions
  • Completion of safety audits
  • Completion or implementation of corrective action for previous issues
  • Completion of safety training



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