March Madness and Employee Engagement

Monday, March 11, launched March Madness, which is often associated with the beginning of a month with lost productivity.  As employees begin filling out their brackets and comparing stats, the unproductive work hours may begin.  However, Don Forsyth, a professor of ethical leadership at the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies, said, “”It can draw people together, which is a positive thing. You’re able to use those moments for interpersonal relationships”.  An engaged employee can increase earnings per share by 28% and an overall higher engaged company can expect a 13% lower turnover rate than a less engaged company.  Actively engaging employees in activities outside of the normal work flow can be a positive for everyone within the company.  So this March, embrace the madness and start an office pool and engage your employees.

Engage. Motivate. Reward.

Heidi Chatfield


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