National Safety Month

National Safety Month - Safety Incentive Programs

Everything from Hair Loss to Hot Dogs seems to have a “month” to bring awareness to their cause. While some of these are amusing or frivolous, others are critically important: for example, National Safety Month in June.

While safety is an issue that should be taken seriously all year long, we can bring renewed awareness to safer workplaces during the month of June.

How to Celebrate

If you have a defined Safety Program in place, June is a great month to further call attention to your program and increase participation. Some ways in which you can celebrate National Safety Month:

  • Offer double points for achievements during the month of June
  • Recruit employees to serve on steering committees
  • Introduce new training materials this month
  • Offer points or spiffs to employees who offer suggestions to improve the program
  • Start a month-long contest to engage employees in the program
  • Offer special rewards for the month of June
  • Introduce a wellness component to your safety program

If you do not have a Safety Incentive Program in place, June is the perfect time to begin that process.


Watch our 7 Tips for Running a Successful Safety Program


Effective Occupational Health & Safety Programs

Successful safety programs include these 4 elements:

Companies that put safety incentive programs in place can expect to reduce insurance premiums, as well as the costs of accidents that aren’t covered by your insurance, such as sick pay, production delays or repairs to plant or equipment.

Safety Includes Wellness

Poor health can be just as dangerous as an unsafe workplace. Remember to include Wellness initiatives when you’re talking about a safer workplace. Companies with healthier workforces enjoy reduced costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer insurance claims, higher employee retention and employee engagement.

Although the health & safety of your employees is a 365/24/7 concern, calling attention to this topic during the month of June can provide the push your employees may need to re-focus their awareness and efforts.



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