Near-misses are Worth the Reward

safetyrewardsWe often speak with companies that have concerns about initiating a safety program because they believe that it may cause accident hiding or under reporting.  From All Star’s perspective and experience in properly designing and managing these types of programs – this is on the contrary.

While it may seem to go against the grain to reward individuals that have had a near-miss – there is something to be said for acknowledging the proper implementation of the safety documentation process.  And while an employee that has submitted a safety suggestion or been spotted wearing all the proper PPE may be considered more deserving of a reward or recognition – certainly the employee that reported the near-miss is worthy as well given their adoption of the process.

This is one of the reasons that it is important to consider a safety rewards solution that is flexible and allows for a tiered earning structure that considers all proactive safety behaviors accordingly.

Consider going a little outside the norm and possibly even the company’s comfort level when identifying criteria for recognition in a safety program.  Rewarding for the adherence to the proper procedure may be just the thing that helps an employee avoid the near-miss altogether in the future.

recent article from Dale Carnegie talks about the benefits that one specific company reaps from encouraging near-miss reporting.



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