Neighbors to Our North Nix Casino Gambling

NHYou may have heard of the vote on March 13th that rejected a proposal to license one casino in New Hampshire with up to 5,000 video slot machines and 150 table games. The vote to kill the bill was 173 to 144 and Governor Maggie Hassan remains in favor of the one casino. What you didn’t read in the article is that their already is a vibrant gaming scene in NH with upwards of 9 licensed poker rooms in the Granite State operating daily. These rooms offer low limit poker and tournaments and even have blackjack and roulette. The caveat is that 35% of the poker room’s profits must be dedicated to a charity. Dozens of charitable organizations benefit from this, and there is a 5 year waiting list to get in on the action. The state also takes 13%. This is no small chunk of change. Rockingham Gaming LLC, which operates two of the poker rooms in Rockingham and Seabrook contributes nearly $2,000,000 yearly to charitable organizations and the state of NH. These rooms originated in 2006, and are regulated by the New Hampshire Racing & Charitable Gaming Commission.

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