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All Star Incentive Marketing

April 6, 2022
Contact: Heidi Chatfield – All Star Incentive Marketing
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AllSAFE at All Star Incentive Marketing


All Star Incentive Marketing, an industry leader in delivering results-based Incentive, Recognition and Reward Programs for nearly 3 decades, just branded its Safety Recognition and Reward offering, AllSAFE.

The need to recognize and reward the safety and wellbeing of employees has never been greater.  According to Brian Galonek, President of All Star, “Front line, safety-sensitive workers shoulder an enormous amount responsibility worldwide. They not only need the skills necessary to do their jobs correctly, but they also bear the responsibility to work safely, not only for themselves and their families, but also for their co-workers and society as a whole.  Given all that, recognizing and rewarding their outsized efforts is not only the right thing to do, but also essential for maintaining the high levels of morale and engagement necessary for success.”

Supported by the award winning PROPEL X technology, All Star’s proprietary web-based software solution which first came to market in 2000, AllSAFE uses science and psychology to create engaging programs that continually drive, and reward positive behavior change among safety-sensitive program participants. The solution is as much a communications vehicle as it is a rewards program.  It perfectly supports a proven structure that rewards workers broadly for performance, while also offering extra recognition for those that go “Above & Beyond” in the name of safety. Galonek explains that “One half of the program rewards workers for getting it right day-in-day-out, while the other half rewards for things like becoming a safety champion, making safety suggestions/reporting a near miss, joining a safety committee, delivering a tool-box talk, mentoring new employees, and/or many other proactive safe behaviors.”  At the same time the solution is very successful in supporting training through the use of quizzes, creating two-way communications through the use of surveys, and promoting wellness programs by utilizing the built-in self-reporting functionality.

According to Heidi Chatfield, VP of Marketing at All Star, “Our association and proven success in executing results-based Safety Recognition and Rewards Programs that effects the lives of hundreds of thousands of employees annually has led to the creation of a brand name with undisputed purpose and value, AllSAFE.”

“It is a true privilege to work hand-in-hand with so many iconic companies and to help their safety, HR and operations teams promote a safer and healthier work environment” commented Galonek.  “It gives me a sense of great pride when I think about all the accidents and injuries that have been prevented in industries ranging from solid waste to manufacturing, from trucking to construction, in forward-leaning companies that have deployed our solutions.”

About All Star Incentive Marketing

All Star is a full-service Incentive House and Performance Improvement Company committed to helping its clients develop, implement, and manage powerful incentive programs that improve customer loyalty, employee motivation, sales, safety, and corporate identity. For nearly 50 years All Star Incentive Marketing has provided its clients with solutions that help maximize the value of human capital. By providing world-class employee engagement solutions in the form of recognition and reward programs, All Star is able to motivate behavior change and, in the process, create more effective and loyal employees and customers. When deployed to a workforce, our solutions are used to improve safety, wellness, retention, sales, training, communications, and customer service. When deployed on a customer base, they improve customer retention, sales, and profitability.


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