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The Advertising Specialty Institute recently released:  “Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study:  A cost analysis of promotional products”.  The most significant findings of the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study show advertising specialties are less expensive per impression (impression=calculated by multiplying the number of times an item is used by the number of people that see the item) than most other media and are very affordable and effective when compared to prime-time TV, radio and print advertising.

 To complete its research, ASI conducted a total of 3,332 online and in-person surveys internationally.  Some of the findings are summarized below:

  •  Cost per Impression.  In the U.S., the cost per impression of a promotional product is .005 cents.
  • At $0.005, the average cost-per-impression (CPI) of an advertising specialty item is less than nearly any other media. According to data obtained by ASI the CPI for a national magazine ad is $0.045; for a newspaper ad, $0.029; for a prime-time TV ad, $0.018; for a cable prime-time TV ad, $0.005; for a syndicated daytime TV ad, $0.005; and for a spot radio ad, $0.058.
  • Product Usage. Bags have the highest number of impressions in a month, over 1,000, and over one-third (36%) of those with incomes under $50,000 own bags.
  • Gender Preferences. Males are more likely than females to own shirts and caps, while females are more likely to have bags, writing instruments, calendars and health and safety products.
  • Positive Reinforcement. Seventy-five percent of independent voters prefer consumer-branded products; nearly 1.5 times more than Democrats or Republicans.
  • Identifying the Advertiser. Eighty-three percent in the U.S. say they can identify the advertiser on a promotional item they own.
  • Influencing User Opinions. Forty-one percent of U.S. respondents say their opinion of the advertiser is more favorable after receiving a promotional product.
  • Popular Products. The most commonly owned promotional products among U.S. respondents are writing instruments (46%), followed by shirts (38%) and calendars (24%).

 In short, companies that invest in advertising specialties get better return on investment than they would on most any other ad media; low cost per impression, high recall amongst recipients, increased intent among receivers of promotional products to make purchases from the advertiser.  Let All Star increase your advertising ROI with our comprehensive offering of ASI sanctioned promotional products.

 Read the full study:




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