Seiko Announces new partnership with Novak Djokovic

novak-djokovic-5aSeiko Announces new partnership with Novak Djokovic, Pro Tennis player: a Perfect Match

Seiko invented the quartz watch in 1969, the Kinetic watch in 1988 and just two years ago Seiko invented Astron GPS Solar, a watch that, using only the power of light, connects to the GPS network. In summary, Seiko strives for perfection in watchmaking; they always have and they always will.

This is why, when the opportunity to work with Novak Djokovic arose, Seiko welcomed it immediately. In Novak, Seiko sees someone who “shares our desire to be the best and who is determined to maintain his status as a leader”. Like Seiko, Novak is dedicated to perfection. And like Novak, Seiko is determined to be “one step ahead of the rest”.

As your New England Special Markets Seiko Rep, we’re here to help.  Please contact us for more information about how you can use Seiko to improve safety, drive sales, increase performance, build customer loyalty, and motivate employees.

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