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Jeff Becotte

Director of IT

Before joining All Star in 2006 to help expand our PlayerRewards program, Jeff spent 13 years in the trenches of casino operations. At Foxwoods Resort Casino, he served as Systems Analyst for Retail and Hospitality and managed the casino’s retail operations, customer loyalty and employee incentive projects, and selected technology to increase revenue and streamline operations. Moving from gaming to a broader technology role, he now helps clients in many industries maintain and create successful loyalty and rewards programs. From troubleshooting system glitches to finding creative ways to make technology work smarter to staying on top of the latest products and services, Jeff leverages technology to keep our clients competitive.

Jeff on Success
“How do I measure success? In accomplishments. As long as there is change in one’s behavior, positive performance in one’s business, and you come closer to your goal, that is a success!”

Jeff on Motivation
“The most rewarding part of my job is to see the positive results that my actions and processes have on the end users— to see that I made a difference.”