The Invaluable Tweet

I consider myself a bit of a branding junkie. I am intrigued at the way that brands (big and small) choose to position and themselves and the impact those decisions have on consumer buy-in. In my former life I was in public relations and specifically worked with McDonald’s – one of the world’s most iconic brands. It was a challenge to keep the brand fresh, relevant, and protected especially when the biggest brands are very often the most frequent targets of negative news. In today’s world – social media has the ability to change things in an instant.


At All Star, we work with some of the most notable brands to include their products in our programs. Samsung is one of those brands and so it was interesting to see the buzz and related consumer action that was created from Ellen’s star-studded selfie at the Oscar’s.

The bottom line profit impact for Samsung might not be completely measureable however the feel good vibe that surrounds the brand after this much retweeted moment is immeasurable. Kudos to Samsung and Ellen (because she is her own brand after all) for their ingenious photo – even if they won’t ever admit that it was actually planned!



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