The Millennial vs. Engagement Dilemma


The modern day workplace is structured unlike anything before, comprised of a multi-generational workforce dominated by Millennial’s, the tech savvy, spirited group born between the years 1980 and 2000. There are obvious work ethic distinctions between experienced previous generations and socially motivated Millennial’s. In the past, employees anticipated an annual review to receive performance feedback and it was not uncommon for an employee to dedicate their career to one company. Today, in this fast paced, digital world, Millennial employees expect frequent feedback and recognition for their efforts in real time. They constantly seek exposure to new development opportunities and career advancements and are prone to job hopping. The fact of the matter is that the traditional one-size-fits all approach is no longer conducive to a successful employee engagement strategy.

In 2014, Gallup revealed that only 30% of the nation’s workforce are fully engaged with their jobs. Since, there has been an increased focus on the engagement trend; however the results are seemingly disappointing with a two-point increase over the past two and one-half years. Other recent studies show that 84-87% of organizations have rated employee retention and engagement, gaps in leadership pipeline, and reinvent learning and development as the top 3 urgent challenges.

In an effort to remain innovative and competitive, successful companies are embracing technology and implementing companywide reward and recognition solutions tailored to their business objectives. The main purpose is to engage, motivate, and reward their employees. Properly designed recognition systems supports business goals and provides immediate praise Millennial’s expect from their organizations.

All Star Incentive Marketing® is committed to helping businesses grow and thrive by Engaging, Motivating and Rewarding® the people behind their success. We do this by developing, implementing and managing powerful incentive and engagement programs that drive customer loyalty, employee motivation, sales, safety, and wellness. With a combination of proprietary technology, superior program management, outstanding customer service, unparalleled product sourcing and fulfillment capabilities, All Star maintains leadership in the incentive industry by helping clients exceed their business objectives and achieve a positive return on incentive investment (ROI2).

Kristie Galonek


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