The Social Media Who’s Who

It seems that every day a new social media tool sneaks its way onto our radar screens – but there are certainly a few key standouts (based on usage, followers, visits, etc.) that are worth a company’s time. An interesting Linkedin article/infographic breaks down usage and demographics on the top sites.

As we all know there are various applications for social media in the business world. There really are so many ways to use it effectively. With the information included in this graphic – businesses can certainly streamline their focus to attract the customers, employees, etc. that they are seeking through this undeniable medium.

As it relates to the incentive industry, many companies may shy away from allowing access to these social media sites to employees while on the job but that does not mean they should be ignored relative to the scope of the program. Promoting a rewards program through social media may just be the trendy tool to attract employees whom are on the fence about participating. Speaking to your employees outside the walls of the company through a channel where they spend a significant amount of their time may be the perfect no-pressure way to inspire and motivate desired behavior change.



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