This year’s G2E Keynote Address by Steve Wynn…

Channeling Jack Nicholson, Ronald Reagan with a dash of Clint Eastwood, Steve Wynn proved why he is truly a legend in the gaming industry.

A large crowd gathered for the keynote address at the gambling industry’s 2014 G2E Global Gaming Expo as he spoke of the industries challenges and  the importance of creating unique experience to keep visitors coming back.   He reiterated what we already knew to be the case that’s a non-gaming amenities have always been more important in keeping the industry viable than what he termed just slot boxes. “It’s about things that give people a chance to live big,” Wynn said.  That’s why they come to Las Vegas, he said. “If you give it to ’em, you’re going to be OK.”

Recognizing  that the casino competition continues to grow as more states have legalized casino gambling, an emphasis on non-gambling revenue sources including restaurants, shopping and entertainment is what will win the day for the industry.

He had tremendous praise for the folks in Massachusetts who he called brilliant minds in the application process that afforded him what he considers to be an amazing opportunity in Boston. His 1.6 billion dollar projects international players and provides non-gaming amenities the likes of which have not been seen in the region. He also took a strong position opposed to the expansion of internet gaming as does Sheldon Adleson, another pioneer in Las Vegas and international gaming locals.

Gary Galonek


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