Tips on motivating employees in a small business

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We can all use a pep talk, a walk in the park, and some recreation to keep us from getting burned out from our work each day. If you are a small business owner and have employees working for you, Corporate Tax Network recommends the following tips to keep your employees motivated as much as possible:

– Set a positive example for your employees each day.
Imagine having your employees sit and watch everything you do each minute of the day for one whole day. Think about how they’d perceive your actions. If you act motivated and confident about your work, these traits should rub off on your employees in the way they carry themselves. It’s amazing how much an upbeat attitude can positively affect those around you. On the contrary, if you aren’t thrilled to be at work every day, your employees could reflect this behavior themselves.

– Offer employee incentives to encourage them to reach their goals.
As a small business owner, a great way of keeping your employees excited and interested in their jobs is to offer incentives to them. For instance, offer a small bonus to one or more employees for meeting a high goal. Buy lunch for everyone in the office for doing something above and beyond what they’re asked to do. In other words, give your employees a reason to reach for the stars on a daily basis. This will make a work environment more interesting and, more importantly, will keep everyone motivated to work harder on a consistent basis.

– Encourage employee feedback and ideas from them.
When your employees are comfortable speaking their minds openly about their jobs, they will be more willing to keep up their levels of motivation. This is because someone who is unhappy with a job and is afraid to talk about his or her struggles is more likely to be in a rut when it comes to work. An honest and upfront relationship between employees and their boss is a fantastic way for everyone to be in good spirits.

– Hold events/activities away from the workplace.
It may be helpful for small business employees to get out of the office and do different things together once in a while. These recreational activities are great for both motivation and team-building to get everyone more comfortable with each other in a business environment. These activities also help employees get their mind off work for a bit, which is necessary to stay fresh.

– Mix things up on occasion.
People sometimes tire of doing similar tasks over and over again. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to mix things up. In a small business, give your employees some different duties here and there to keep them fresh. Doing different things uses a different part of the brain, and this can keep everyone motivated by knowing that there could be some fun twists and turns in their jobs on occasion.

Source: Corporate Tax Network

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