Trust me. I want what you want.

With a business based on building and strengthening relationships, our customer service team is very much a part of the overall success.  Our ability to treat each customer as an individual helps us to deliver a superior product.  It is not easy to convince a perfect stranger on the other end of the phone line to put their trust in you and to resolve their issue to their satisfaction.

This gets me thinking.

What is that formula that works and how is it we are so successful at gaining that trust?

First, we provide the customer the consideration of our full attention.  Yes, even though we may have heard it a million times, really listening to what it is they need is the basis for the rest.  Most often, providing information and asking the right questions can make all of the difference as to how we gain trust and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Once we have heard the issue at hand, we lead the conversation by explaining that we will need to gather some information from them to help determine the best possible solution. We then explain what the options are and let them be a part of the solution. Most everyone likes choices.

If the requested result is beyond what we can deliver but not unreasonable, we let them know that we truly would like to help them. We do not make any promises that we cannot keep but give them a reasonable expectation as to when they will be contacted and by whom.

Most importantly, we follow through. We always make contact as promised.  This usually involves giving them the means and opportunity to contact us directly or we check back in with them ourselves to ensure that the actions that were supposed to take place did and that they are satisfied.

The end result is that we have gained trust and shown that the outcome was as important to us as it was to them, leaving a lasting impression.



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