TV? PC? Tablet!

As related follow up to our resident product guru (Allison Wooten’s) blog “Are PCs a Dying Breed?” an interesting study reveals hat Tablets are the go-to alternative to TV — and PCs and Smartphones are not keeping up/

Tablets have not eclipsed TVs however are becoming the preferred “second-screen” alternative for viewing full-length episodes.  The portability of the Tablet is undeniable — allowing users to easily watch while on the go or simply from the comforts of their own bedroom.

According to the study, 62% of Tablet users are spending 2.4 hours per day on their device!  Given all that we have to capture our attention during the day – that statistic is significant.  Perhaps one of the most interesting points from the article is the deep emotional connection that Tablet owners have with their device.  Owners claim that Tablets make them more relaxed, happier, and more effective at managing life.  This type of emotional connection is tough to beat and just what the marketers and manufacturers would hope for — likely making the Tablet the go-to product for some time to come.



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