Use Recognition, Incentives to Counteract ‘Quit-Tok,’ Build Employee Engagement

Here’s a new one.


It’s the latest HR catchphrase that’s having a significant impact on everything from employee engagement to retention and recruitment:


It’s been dubbed “Quit-Tok,” and it happens when employees use social media phenomenon TikTok to release covertly filmed resignation meetings or terminations.


The Quit-Tok trend—involving Gen Z workers—follows in the wake of “quiet quitting,” where employees do as little work as possible, but just enough to avoid being fired.


Both trends point to troubling employee engagement issues. For example, a recent Gallup poll found only one-third of U.S. employees are currently engaged in their work. According to the Conference Board, such disengagement contributes to, on average, $500 billion worth of losses annually.


Also a recent Harris Poll showed one-third of U.S. hiring managers are anticipating an increase in employee turnover this year, while a survey from Haillo found three-quarters of employees surveyed are considering leaving their jobs by the end of 2024.


Another recent but especially important survey found that half of workers polled said they would be more likely to stay at their current jobs if their employer offered more training.


By implementing a personalized upskilling program, employers can create tangible learning opportunities for employees, showing that employers can be partners in career development, while attracting top talent.


In our experience at All Star Incentive Marketing, while companies offer career development opportunities they should also look to incentive rewards to both encourage participation and to reward successful completion of skill-building programs.


The rewards naturally tie in with formally recognizing career-building accomplishments along the way, as well as to show appreciation for staying with the programs.


Recognition for career development provides motivation and reassurance to employees who meet and exceed expectations. Showing awareness and appreciation for employees and their work creates an environment that encourages improvement and communicates the value of an individuals contributions to the company.


While this may not solve all of a company’s employee turnaround issues, the practice of having a robust career development program that is properly incentivized can go a long way towards counteracting “quiet quitting” and its new partner, “Quit-Tok.”


What strategies does your company employ to encourage and reward learning opportunities and overall career development? Our experts at All Star Incentive Marketing can help you put together programs that will inspire and excite employees at every level. Contact us to learn more.

Brian Galonek


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