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Yes, another new year is upon us but there’s nothing new about what’s hot for promotional product buying.  Wearables make up more than 25% of the industry revenue.  Polos, t-shirts (the industry staple!), outerwear and headwear with the ever enhancing performance features will still dominate apparel trends for 2015.

Wearable decoration techniques come in a variety of choices, the good old traditional methods and some newer, non-conventional options.  Depending on your corporate brand design, garment, and the impact / impression you would like to make, there’s a perfect technique for you:



This age old method of apparel embellishment stitches, typically by programmable machine, the desired design onto a cloth garment.  Usually a standard polyester or rayon thread is used but there are also metallic threads that will yield a less conservative appearance.

Embroidery with Sequins

This manner of adornment partners standard embroidery with the addition of stitched on sequins.  The resulting appearance here is a step beyond what the use of metallic thread produces.

Laser patch / laser etch

A fairly new technique, it literally etches the logo into either a simple shaped appliqué patch or directly into the garment’s fabric.  The process produces a tone-on-tone effect which is more subtle than most.

Heat transfer

For small quantity imprinting runs, heat transfers are perfect.  They can be made using simple output devices or ordered pre-made.  Application is the process of using the right amount of heat and pressure to get the adhesive backed transfer affixed to the wearable.

Spangle  / Rhinestone transfer

For a way out bling look, this heat transfer procedure adheres rhinestones and/or “spangles”, which are simply sequins without the holes, to the garment.


If you want a permanent, high quality look and your budget can bear it, this is the way to go.  Your product is created from scratch.  Using the thread colors of your logo, fabric is produced with your brand woven into it.

Dye sublimation

Using digital print technology and dye fusing, this imprint technique allows for full color, photo quality images and due to the nature of the process, allows for lower order minimums.


Dye sublimation to the nth degree, InFusion couples proprietary fabrics with the special technique which results in a totally breathable, lightweight garment with double the image resolution of screen printing.


Another tonal look but with a 3D effect, debossing is applied by using very high pressure and heat to actually re-form the fabric and press your brand right into the apparel.

Screen printing

Last but certainly not least, this method of imprinting is probably one of the most familiar and frequently used.  Using stencils and inks, the screen process can print spot or full-color logos but typically in restricted placement areas of a garment.

So between the wealth of garment types and the ample decoration techniques available, you’re sure to find the combination that best fits your corporate brand and image.



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