Safety Recognition and Reward Programs

Putting the health and safety of your employees first can dramatically lower your costs.

Safety Recognition & Reward
Safety Recognition & Reward Programs

Absorbing the rising costs of health care and insurance doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business.



Putting health and safety at the forefront of your operations— and motivating employees in the effort— can dramatically lower costs related to accidents and illness.

Create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment, encouraging safety consciousness and promoting wellness throughout your workforce. The impact of safety and wellness incentive programs is clear:


A more engaged workforce


Safer driving and equipment operation


Lower liability costs


Lower medical insurance costs


Safer work practices


More productive training and safety meetings


Fewer work-related accidents and injuries


Improved employee and company trust

Every year more than 2 million people suffer serious workplace injuries… most preventable.*

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employee slip and falls

Reduce workplace accidents

Promote good behavior

Promote proactive behaviors

Reduce Worker Compensation Claims

Lower workers’ compensation claims

Improve employee communication

Improve employee communications and engagement

Safety Rewards Programs

Safety-conscious companies understand what needs to change to enhance workplace safety.  For the greatest success in building a safety culture, companies must reinforce safe work practices, build team spirit, promote group interaction, foster positive peer pressure, and engage in constant communication. If you properly motivate employees to be safe, safety improves and safety-related costs go down.


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