To put the employee health and safety at the forefront of their operations and encourage them to help the company exceed their business goals of lowering costs related to accidents and illness.

A custom branded Recognition Program enabling employees to earn points for their individual and group contributions towards creating a great safety culture.

Stericycle Rewards Program

The Challenge

Stericycle, a leader in protecting people and reducing risk, was founded in 1989 in response to the growing need for a solution to effectively dispose of medical waste.

Story Continued

With a rapidly increasing aging population and demand for greater medical care, competition has heightened in the medical waste management industry. Critical to a medical waste management company’s long-term business success is to motivate and engage employees.

The Solution

Stericycle recognizes that its ability to meet or exceed your business goals comes down to one thing: the dedication and contribution of the people who translate those goals into action – its employees. Similarly, All Star Incentive Marketing® believes that absorbing the rising costs of health care and insurance doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business. Putting health and safety at the forefront of Stericycle’s operations and motivating employees in the effort, can dramatically lower costs related to accidents and illness. For over four decades, All Star has offered costeffective incentive, recognition and rewards programs that are proven to create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment, encourage safety consciousness and promote wellness throughout the company’s workforce.

In the summer of 2011, the Southern California area of Stericycle, retained All Star to help reduce the frequency of auto as well as worker’s compensation claims in an effort to reduce overall claim costs. With this partnership, All Star launched a pilot safety program in July 2011 in southern California. This online program enables participants to earn points for their individual and group contributions towards creating a great safety culture.

On a routine basis, the Safety Manager distributes vouchers to his management team for safety performance. All team members within a supervisor group receive a 25 Point Safety Voucher if the team remains accident and injury free. Additionally, individuals who remain accident and injury free for an entire quarter receive a 25 Point Safety Voucher. Program participants accumulate these 25 Point Safety Vouchers which are redeemed and/or banked for a wide variety of brand name awards on the award website. Most popular items include Apple® iPads™, Bissell® vacuums, Craftsman® tools, Fossil® watches, and Sony® home theater systems.

The company’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its employees through the custom branded Pilot Recognition Program is routinely communicated at safety meetings and further supported by posters positioned in high traffic areas throughout each facility in Southern California. Regular communications regarding safety performance and initiatives can be posted to the customized award website, to maintain safety consciousness, promote wellness, and drive continued engagement.


The program has created a positive perception that the safety and wellness of its employees are management’s priority. Overall results of the program saw a reduction in claim cost by over 80% for a savings of almost $800,000 since the program’s inception in July 2011. “Obviously a key component of any safety recognition program is an effective incentive. We have found that with this program. The employees feel incentivized to do the right thing. The program gains traction as the employees accrue more points, as they tend to bank them in anticipation of a more valuable redemption.” – says Jon Mosier, Safety Manager at Stericycle.

All Star continues to actively support and manage the 1st Safety Incentive rewards program at Stericycle. This program supports a healthy and safe work environment at the Southern California area Stericycle in order to increase business performance. The program continues to gain momentum as employees accrue more points. In its second year, the program participation rate is roughly 89%.




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These are just a few examples of how Stericycle brought attention to the safety progam to their employees.

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