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Successful companies empower employees, engage them in business goals and encourage them to make meaningful contributions to each other.

Social Recognition

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Engagement & Turnover

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What we offer

Social Recognition
Share the successes of your employees throughout the team/company by broadcasting to others “behavior excellence”. Social recognition helps employees/peers acknowledge each other’s demonstration of great work and the right behaviors. Gathering recognition intelligence from your workforce provides invaluable behavior data about your talent pool.
Your employees are your greatest asset. Recognize them for dedication. Successful companies engage their employees and reinforce the right behaviors throughout the employee’s years of service. The recognition of an employee’s dedication is a memorable occasion and merits a high quality presentation. With a wide range of custom and standard presentation options, incorporating brand name and symbolic gifts across an array of lifestyle interests and price points we elevate your employee recognition awards program.

The individuals who make up your workforce are effective, enthusiastic, creative and resourceful. That’s why you hired them. Smart businesses look for ways to empower those employees, engage them in business goals and help them to make meaningful contributions.

All Star can help you put together comprehensive incentive and reward program that will develop stronger relationships and increase employee satisfaction throughout your organization.

We know that awards-based recognition for loyalty and performance on the job can:

Improve Morale

Improve Safety and Wellness

Reduce Turnover

Build Stronger Teams

Reward Length of Service and Commitment

Encourage Suggestions and New Ideas

Align Employees with Your Business Goals

Improve Employee Communications and Engagement

Employee Engagement Case Study

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