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Absorbing the rising costs of health care and insurance doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business. Putting health and safety at the forefront of your operations— and motivating employees in the effort— can dramatically lower costs related to accidents and illness.

All Star can work with you to create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment, encouraging safety consciousness and promoting wellness throughout your workforce. The impact of safety and wellness incentive programs is clear:

A more engaged workforce

Safer driving and equipment operation

Lower liability costs

Lower medical insurance costs

Safer work practices

More productive training and safety meetings

Fewer work-related accidents and injuries

Improved employee and company trust

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EE & ESG – The Connection Between Employee Engagement & Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

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WellRewards Employee Wellness Program

Wellness Platform Program Features

All-in-One Wellness Solution

Engage and inspire your participants with assessments, print and video content, coaching, challenges, incentives, surveys/quizzes, social tools and more.

Get Results

Deliver unique programs that push the barriers of wellness and get results.

Fresh and Engaging

Constant innovation keeps your wellness programs fun, fresh and engaging.

Anywhere, Anytime

Get participants moving anywhere, anytime with apps, devices and more.

    What we offer

    Employee Wellness
    Not only are healthy employees happier and more productive at work, their improved health can save you thousands of dollars in insurance costs, sick time and lost productivity. Lifestyle factors like inactivity, obesity, poor nutrition, and tobacco use, which can lead to chronic illnesses and can account for as much as 40% of business health care expenses.*

    A corporate wellness program with strong incentives can go a long way towards supporting your employees in adopting new habits and managing their health. When these programs succeed, everybody wins. That’s why All Star encourages our clients to incorporate wellness into their employee-focused reward program — and to boost the effectiveness of their existing wellness efforts by adding attractive incentives.

    We’ll work with you to set goals and devise a strategy to promote wellness throughout your organization— from healthy eating, weight loss and physical fitness to smoking cessation programs and disease management.

    *Source: The Center for Disease Control, Forum for People/Performance Management

    Wellness Programs that Work - Employee Incentives

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