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Customer loyalty grows naturally when people feel good about the companies they’re doing business with: they’re getting products and service that meet their needs, and they feel an alignment with the company’s brand, goals or environment.
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Gaming Loyalty
Gaming enthusiasts face a wider array of options than ever before. If you don’t appreciate and motivate the players who patronize your casino, chances are good that your competition will. Once you know what will motivate and reward your best customers, then you can get creative.

Player rewards programs, monthly gift programs, high roller gift programs and special events focused on holidays, high rollers or fun themes are just a few creative ways that All Star can help you say “we appreciate your business.” Checkout gifts, card-swipe sweepstakes gifts, pillow gifts and other promotional items make your guests feel taken care of.

We offer customizable, turnkey casino loyalty programs that address player rewards, casino rewards, customer loyalty, employee incentives, hotel loyalty, special events and promotional merchandise. Online or off, we’ll help you create incentives that:

Build player loyalty

Generate new and seasonal traffic

Create personalized gaming experiences

Increase player frequency

Capture player data

Increase hotel visitation

Reduce casino employee turnover

Facilitate permission based marketing campaigns

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