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Tantasqua Regional High School, located in south-central Massachusetts, serving the towns of Brimfield, Brookfield, Holland, Sturbridge, and Wales, is a learning community that presents students with numerous pathways to success. Supported by over 100 educators, Tantasqua Regional High School enrolls an average of 1200 students in grades 9 through 12 across both their academic and technical divisions.

Tantasqua School Store

The Challenge

The demographics in the districts it serves are socioeconomically diverse and include professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, laborers, and farmers, with varied income and educational levels.

Story Continued

In 1998 Peter Dobrowolski joined the Tantasqua staff as Assistant Principal. Almost immediately, he implemented a more meaningful student recognition program in which gift items branded with the school logo would be awarded to deserving students.

The Solution

Assistant Principal Peter Dobrowolski’s vision to implement a more comprehensive recognition and reward program for the Tantasqua student body went hand-in-hand with purchases from All Star Incentive Marketing of logo’d gifts. At first, he appealed to the local business community to help financially cover the cost of these items. Then, in 2002, Tantasqua opened their brand new, exceptionally impressive campus. The design of this new building included a school store to demonstrate projects for the school’s business program. A couple of years later, the school eliminated the business program. Peter stepped forward and requested permission to take over the store, and the administration agreed to support its continued operation at a loss.


Under Peter’s leadership, a two-fold charter was created for the school store – 1) to encourage as many kids as possible to display Tantasqua pride and provide a source for school spirit items; and 2) to create a new and ongoing funding mechanism for the recognition programs. With this mission in mind, the school store became the foundation from which other recognition initiatives emerged. The “Student of the Quarter Award Breakfast” was created to recognize those students that achieve notable personal academic growth. The Annual Honors Banquet was created to recognize freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that consistently maintain honor roll status. As an already proven and trusted supplier for Tantasqua, Peter named All Star as the primary promotional product partner to further acknowledge the academic and personal growth of his students. With a thorough knowledge of promotional products that motivate, All Star works closely with Peter to identify the right mix of items to reward and recognize diverse audiences at Tantasqua’s academic recognition events. Last year Tantasqua recognized all honor banquet students with a draw-string backpack and stadium blanket set. Previous years’ mementos included CD cases, photo albums, pen & pencil sets, umbrellas, athletic bags, and executive style padfolios. The leftover promotional items from these events are placed in the school store and are available for purchase by students and teachers.


In addition to the school store and academic recognition events, All Star supports other promotional needs at Tantasqua. When the Culinary Arts Department of Tantasqua’s technical division needed apparel (Chef hat, Chef jacket, white pants, and white shirts), All Star was contacted. All Star also fulfilled the department’s request for a supply of embroidered white ball caps to be worn by the students working in the Cornerstone Café, the school’s restaurant classroom.


All Star and Tantasqua share a long term commitment to the academic future of the community, and as such, will continue to work together to uphold the culture and pride inherent to both brands. According to Peter, Tantasqua’s partnership with All Star continues for three primary reasons: price, quality, and responsiveness – “From inquiry to receiving an order…All Star Incentive Marketing is very timely.” Through its partnership with All Star, Tantasqua has found unique opportunities to reward and recognize the academic achievements of its’ entire student body.


From product selection and sourcing samples, to logo decoration and product delivery, All Star makes the grade at Tantasqua. Since the start of the relationship in 1998, All Star has shown its commitment to Tantasqua’s efforts to build branding that conveys academic and personal growth. What started with the purchase of a small quantity of sweatshirts, has evolved into a 15’ x 15’ store front that is now fully self-funded by Tantasqua – they buy and own all the products inventoried. Today the school store has over 50 items for sale, everything from umbrellas to flip-flops can be found there. On an annual basis, All Star works with Tantasqua to provide mementos with trophy value that create lasting impressions for students that attend the Tantasqua Quarterly Award Breakfast and Annual Honors Banquet. According to Assistant Principal, Peter Dobrowolski, “We know the students love the gifts. They really appreciate their value and enjoy their functionality.”


Walk the halls of Tantasqua Regional High School any time of the day, and in any season, and you will see the Tantasqua logo worn with pride – from hoodies and hats to t-shirts and shorts. Their culture of academic excellence, characterized by high-performing and high-achieving students, allows Tantasqua Regional High School to attract and retain talented educators. As a well-established Advertising Specialty Institute stocking distributor and manufacturer’s representative, All Star has the reach and buying power to provide clients with a diversified selection of promotional products to build and extend their brand.




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From product selection and sourcing samples, to logo decoration and product delivery, All Star makes the grade at Tantasqua. Since the start of the relationship in 1998, All Star has shown its commitment to Tantasqua’s efforts to build branding that conveys academic and personal growth.

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