2014 Prevailing Promotional Products and Trends

image0092014 Prevailing Promotional Products and Trends

Well, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same!  Some of the latest unique products to show off your brand are variations on the good old standbys.

Drinkware, always one of the top overall sellers:  Some new twists on these staple items are filter bottles, infuser tumblers, “wine/beer-to-go” insulated tumblers, mason jars, and anything that changes color with beverage temperature changes.  New decoration like full color imprinting and various “frosting” methods have become exceedingly popular as well.

Wearables, another all-time big selling category:  All the same favorites are moving such as golf shirts, tees, and sweatshirts of all styles.  But trendy looks with unique features such as distinctive necklines and stitching are in demand.  Relaxed fit everything looks like the fashion fad this year – comfort is “in”.

As for colors…anything goes from muted pastels to vibrant primaries to metallics and jewel tones to camouflage and plaid.

The day’s technology, we’ve come a long way from just laptop cases:  Now there are device specific “sleeves”, and portfolios, as well as more compact and functional carry cases, fashion totes and messenger bags.  Also, especially popular are “anything mobile” accessories like Bluetooth speakers, USB car chargers, power banks, multifunctional charging cables and ear buds.

Writing instruments, not just plain old ballpoints and highlighters anymore: Probably the biggest trends (staying in tune with technology) are combination pen and stylus products that are made for any budget, from $0.25 to $25.00.  Pens now have thousands of fun and eye catching colors.  There is also a large collection of combination products, anywhere from pen/highlighters to pen/LED light/carabiners and pen/tool kit hybrids.

One could go on and on listing the functional yet modern and amusing promotional products out there these days.  If you’re looking for something interesting and outstanding to promote your brand, give All Star Incentive Marketing a call – we’ll find what you’re looking for!



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