A Product that Moms and Kids can Love

One of my newest favorite products is KidzSafe™ My Design™ D.I.Y. Headphones for boys and girls by SMS Audio.  We saw these out at CES back in January and I fell in love with them then – for a few different reasons.

First and foremost they are made by SMS Audio – on the forefront of sound technology and a brand with which All Star is proud to work.  Second, the headphones include Volume-Limiting Technology so no matter how much my little guys try to crank up the volume on their games, movies, and music – the headphones won’t allow it.  The technology helps prevent noise induced hearing loss by using the patented KidzSafe technology (<85db).  Last but not least how cool is it for a kid to be able to customize their own headphones with stickers and interchangeable colored ear pads and chords?

Knowing I had an upcoming family vacation in April – I decided to get them for my two older boys (aged 7 and 4). They were absolutely thrilled.  They loved being able to decorate them with the stickers they liked best (music notes, peace signs, skateboards, lightning bolts, and more) and change out the ear pads (orange and blue for boys, pink and purple for girls) to their liking.  My other favorite feature is the space for them to write their name on the inside of the headband as well as on the carrying case so I don’t have to hear “MOM, he took my headphones!” before we even leave the house.

You really can’t go wrong with a product that engages the child and gives them some independence and control while protecting their little ears.  Electronics are a fact of life and children are using headphones much earlier than ever before so this technology is super smart and of course timely.  I am appreciative of the fact that SMS Audio has made it part of their mission to be socially conscious while delivering a top quality product.  I’ll try not to blink because time goes fast — it won’t be long before my boys are graduating up to the Star Wars™ STREET by 50 Headphones….coming soon!

Kidzsafe Tara



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