Corporate Citizenship and Engagement – Keys to Reaching Millennials


Millennials represent the fastest growing demographic in the workplace and will represent the majority of the workforce in 10 years. It seems to go without saying then, that companies need to find ways to include, engage, embrace the Millennial employee.  Recent research finds that above all else Millennials value corporate citizenship from the company with which they are employed.  We also know that Millennials have grown up in the age of rewards and loyalty programs.  The logical next step seems to be to find a way to marry the two.

Certainly corporate citizenship has value to stand on its own but making it part of your corporate culture and a key component of your rewards program has significant value.  Here at All Star we have a Wellness Program with six areas of discipline – one of which is social responsibility.  The team that organizes these social responsibility opportunities often ties it to our rewards program.  That’s not to say that employees would skip it without the reward but it is an added touch that shows the company cares about the community and cares for the employee that is going above and beyond.

Additionally, utilizing your online rewards solution to recognize employees for their participation in activities supporting corporate citizenship – whether with a photo, news story, social media post – is also an easy, yet effective, way to tie the two together.

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  1. Sandra Gregoire

    Interesting Article! To the point that “84% of Millennials prioritize global citizenship above professional recognition” tells us that younger generations truly understand the value in paying it forward and are actively seeking companies that do this well. Incentives can certainly help light a fire under those less motivated while satisfying Millennials want for a socially responsible workplace.

    From making care packages for our Troops, for those affected by natural disasters, supporting food banks, blood drives, volunteering at community gardens, hospitals, and collecting jackets for the homeless – It is easy to get involved and very rewarding (not to mention team-building) for your employees to do so! Giving rewards points to your employees for taking a team lead, or even for participating, is a great show of company engagement.

    And as an added bonus – these efforts get employees from different departments interacting and sharing ideas.


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