Corporate Industry Apparel Trends for 2012

Though there will always be a need for the basic tee with conventional screen printing or golf shirt with traditional embroidery, it appears that there will be new trends for 2012.

The consensus from ASI suppliers seems to be:

“The Retail Look”:  Corporate apparel is definitely moving toward a more upscale, retail appearance and quality.  There is also more attention being paid to women’s attire and youth lines.  These more fashionable garments are being treated with two polarized methods of decoration.        

1. Subdued locations and colorations (smaller logos on the arm, hem, and back yoke placements and more subtle tone-on-tone treatments of logos).

2. Larger designs in more creative positions and / or using non-traditional media (wrap-around the waist, over the shoulder imprints, or all-over messaging and rhinestones, glitter, metallic inks, and foils).

So depending on the message you are trying to “put out there” with your wearables; tasteful, tactful, corporate conservatism, or bold, brassy, and “in your face” messaging, there are new styles and fresh decorating approaches this year.



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