Just Add Ice Orchids!



Now Available as a Drop Ship!

Double Spike Phalaenopsis Orchid

Over 100 different orchid color varieties, the Just Add Ice Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the easiest types of orchid to grow, and therefore, are often referred to as the beginner’s orchid. Our orchids will bloom for up to three months after purchasing them. The blooms will wilt and fall off when your orchid is finished blooming. After all the blooms fall off it doesn’t mean your orchid is dead; it is resting and storing up energy to rebloom. Seasonal pot designs available.

Just add 4-5 ice cubes once a week!

Great for conferences, special events, corporate gifts or just a way to say thank you!

Retail Cost: $74.99

$55.00 Delivered Cost

Ships via FedEx to insure that your orchid arrives in perfect condition.

Orders submitted no later than Tuesday – for arrival by the end of the week.

Colors of orchids will vary and specific color cannot be requested.



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