On the Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizer Products

Well, cold and flu season is upon us once again and with it the heightened concerns regarding contracting “what’s going around”, or “the plague”( as we dreadingly refer to it at All Star) from lingering germs.  Though there have been many studies which prove that good old-fashioned hand washing is the best preventative measure to keep from picking up or spreading these heinous microbes, hand sanitizing agents do help as well.    Claims of 99.9% effectiveness may be a bit over exaggerated – these are probably statistics collected in a controlled, ultra clean lab testing environment.    However, even if this percentage drops to 40 – 60% in “the real world”, anything clearly is better than 0%.  Alcohol-base antibacterial products have been proven to be the most effective.

All that said, as an ASI distributor, All Star can source anti-bacterial/microbial hand and surface cleaners from many ASI manufacturers that will brand these products with your logo and company information.  You can purchase products at costs that range from mere cents to a few dollars; from wipes to sprays to lotions.  This is a great way to show your clientele that you care about their health and wellness (a very current and significant initiative in corporate America today), especially during this time of year.



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