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To have a best in-class national safety recognition interactive program that inspired field managers to deploy the program properly.

 A  safety recognition and reward that included digital and tangible awards to fully engage  drivers, container techs, and dock workers that earned points on a monthly basis both for their overall performance,  for passing monthly safety quizzes, and “Above & Beyond”  safety behavior.

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The Challenge

As the Nation’s largest propane company, AmeriGas, desired to have a best-in-class national safety recognition program for its 4,000+ safety-sensitive workers. Gaining the buy-in of corporate decision makers was key to getting the program created, and successfully inspiring field managers to deploy the program properly was key to its ongoing success. To be impactful, AmeriGas knew it needed the program to include every safety sensitive worker, to be easy to deploy by managers, and to promote engagement as a path towards improving safety. The program also needed to be interactive to gain and hold the attention of its workers while creating a great safety culture. One of the stated corporate safety objectives for the program was to bring everyone together and keep them involved. By increasing engagement, the company hoped it could reduce OSHA recordable accidents, injuries, and violations. The new program was going to replace their current quarterly cash incentives, which company safety leaders had determined was ineffective at meeting stated goals.

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AmeriGas services over two million customers, commercial and residential, in all 50 states from over 2,500 distribution locations. The AmeriGas commitment to serving their customers runs deep, and their entire Executive Leadership Team is dedicated to delivering on their promise. However, despite being such a large organization that operates 24/7, AmeriGas’s top safety principal is to put the health and safety of their people and their customers above all else.

The Solution

All Star Incentive Marketing worked with AmeriGas to fully understand their pain points and their objectives for the new program. The result was a totally new safety recognition/reward program titled, Committed to Safety. The program was designed to offer both digital and tangible award elements to fully engage all eligible safety sensitive workers. The program included drivers of all types of vehicles, container techs, dock workers and others. All participants were eligible to earn points on a monthly basis both for their overall performance and for taking and passing monthly safety quizzes. Points were also made available for spot recognition and for going “Above & Beyond” for things like having no AVI’s individually and in their defined Area.

Selected Area Managers, Regional Managers and Territory managers were given the ability to deliver Above & Beyond recognition, to award participants with on-the-spot recognition and points. This recognition can be given with printed point vouchers, or electronically, for specified actions, including positive drive cam results, positive DOT stops, and more. To launch they Committed to Safety program nationally, each Area Manager was sent a package full of launch materials. In the package were materials to communicate the program to the field including, posters for high traffic areas, tri fold brochures illustrating award examples and personalized letters to be given out to each participant. Managers handed out the personalized letters at team meetings and explained how the program works to employees. Each employee letter included their unique username and initial password to enable their first login to the customized Committed to Safety award site. A message from the corporate executive team endorsing the Committed to Safety recognition program was also included.

Originally, the program launched as a pilot program for 6 regions with a total of 500 participants. After only 6-months with the trial, AmeriGas could already see that The Committed to Safety Program was very successful at driving higher levels of employee engagement and the program was rolled out nationally to more than 4,000 participants. The platform has become a primary communications tool for AmeriGas; a place where participants can read news stories about not just safety but overall company successes. Together with their point earning history and the award shopping experience, the Committed to Safety site as the full attention of the workers in the program. The engagement, connectivity, and safety focus have resulted in cost savings for the company, related to safety improvements, but also to improved customer service and reduced turnover.


In its first full year, the Committed to Safety Program has led to disengaged workers becoming 70% more engaged by AmeriGas’ estimates. The program has an outstanding 85% participation rate with the goal of driving that rate to over 90% in the near future. The Director of Safety for AmeriGas commented, “The pilot was  tremendous success… with fantastic results lowering AVI’s and OSHA recordables. The engagement in the program is amazing and the safety workers are highly complementary. We are all excited to see it becoming the fabric of our safety culture,”

In the time since the primary program first launched, there have been several other engagement projects created for other components of the AmeriGas workforce. From Sales recognition to new hire “Circle of Excellence” kits, to Kansas City Steak “Dinner on AmeriGas” vouchers sent to the homes of the hard-working ACE team members who worked extra-long hours during Covid. There have also been special projects like sending all employees a special holiday gift and custom creating a “distracted driver safety bag” that stops a cellphone signal while a worker is driving. The AmeriGas Committed to Safety recognition program has created a culture of engagement and brought an element of appreciation to the company’s most valuable asset, their workers.

The AmeriGas Committed to Safety recognition program was created with the goal to engage the safety sensitive workers throughout the company and keep them safe. Quickly the program has become engrained into the fabric of the company and is now evident in many areas of company operations. The program with its own branding and design conveys the message to the participants that the company cares about each employee and wants to give them a platform to keep them safe, engaged, motivated, and rewarded for what they do. The phenomenal success of the Committed to Safety Program has earned it the prestigious IMA Circle of Excellence award as the best safety program in the country. Currently, the program is ever evolving with specialty safety push events added throughout the year and new employee engagement ideas consistently being added. AmeriGas is now realizing its vision of a workforce that is fully Committed to Safety!




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A safety recognition and reward that included digital and tangible awards to fully engage  drivers, container techs, and dock workers that earned points on a monthly basis both for their overall performance,  for passing monthly safety quizzes, and “Above & Beyond”  safety behavior.

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