Wearable Tech and Wellness


Wearable technology is gaining momentum in the world of consumer electronics particularly since the Consumer Electronics Show took place this past January in Las Vegas where many new products were unveiled.

This technology is also gaining traction in employee health and wellness programs.  Here at All Star, we are currently in the middle of a Biggest Loser weight-loss competition that is happening in tandem with a step competition.  In the step competition, employees can utilize either their wearable Fitbit device or a company-issued pedometer.  These programs are optional and offered as part of our overall Wellness Program.  More than half of the company’s employees are taking part in the walking competition with 10 of the participants (and counting) wearing Fitbits.  During the 8-week program, employees are eligible to earn points based on individual and team stepping success.

What company executives here and elsewhere want to know is – does this type of technology motivate users to increase their healthy activity?  Based on All Star’s own case study and the countless articles that keep popping up on the topic – it certainly seems to be the case.  In fact, many Fortune 500 companies have begun issuing the technology to employees as part of their own wellness initiatives.

Based on this growing trend and its’ positive impact on the health of users – insurance companies are also paying attention.  It will be interesting to see how wearable technology evolves and continues to play a role in wellness programs.  Furthermore as the technology advances and likely gains the ability to track additional biometrics we can consider potential future benefits in the areas of personalized health care and reduced health care costs and insurance premiums.

These benefits may be a ways off but the movement is there.  Consider taking a look at some of the more interesting articles on the topic listed below.

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