Wellness without Rewards?

Most of us in the industry are well in tune with the fact that Wellness is a key area of focus for many companies these days.  Companies are doing as little as simply offering literature to as much as opening workout facilities with fitness classes on site.  A recent article from The Boston Globe highlights a few local companies and what they are doing to achieve desired results.  What the reporter fails to mention is how a reward and recognition program seamlessly can tie into a company’s wellness program and not only increase workforce motivation but also drive participation and results.

Studies have shown that a healthier workforce is often a more engaged workforce – which as we know can have a positive impact on morale and the bottom line.  Here at All Star, our Wellness program has seven areas of focus (Healthy Eating, Exercise & Activity, Smoking Cessation, Financial Health, Social Responsibility, Disease Management, and Weight Loss).  Throughout the year there are opportunities to participate and earn points within these seven categories.  The points are loaded into our employee performance/peer to peer program and can be combined with all other points that employees earn for performance based behaviors, length of service, etc.  The programs go hand-in-hand and the chance to earn points for wellness initiatives plays a significant role in driving participation.

Certainly, the health benefits are significant and the potential insurance cost reductions are impressive however there is no denying the added value that a points program can bring to the table as a main component/driver of a company’s wellness program.  Despite that it was not the focus of this article – it will be interesting to see if the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health will include rewards and recognition programs in the guidelines, it plans to release later this month, to help businesses design effective wellness programs.

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